1667 Consulting

1667 Consulting

1667 Consulting is dedicated to providing information and consulting services related to IEEE Std. 1667.  This web site and the services offered are not associated with IEEE or the IEEE 1667 Working Group.

What is IEEE Std. 1667?

IEEE Std. 1667 defines bidirectional authentication of Transient Storage Devices (TSDs) such as USB Flash Drives (UFDs), memory cards and portable hard disks.  Not only can the host authenticate the identity of the TSD, but the TSD can also authenticate the identity of the host.


IEEE Std. 1667 also provides a platform for identifying the functionality of the device and communicating commands and data to the device.  This allows device developers the option of using IEEE Std. 1667 when implementing non-authentication functionality.


IEEE Std. 1667 is approaching approval of the corrected and updated standard.  The first version (1.0) of the standard was published as IEEE Std. 1667-2006 in January of 2007.  The next version (commonly referred to as version 1.1) is currently in balloting for approval for publication.  The new version will be published by the IEEE about six months after it is approved.

How can 1667 Consulting help you?

  • We can help you define and implement both authentication and non-authentication silos on TSDs.
  • We can help you interface your devices to hosts running Windows using the Windows Enhanced Storage SDK.
  • We can help you work with the Microsoft Windows Storage Group.
  • We can help you to be heard in the development of future versions of IEEE Std. 1667.